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Avalanche of Leads For Your Biz?

Finally there is a way for Your Great Content to turn into Real Cash!

Discover this New System that combines A Proven Interactive Content Approach with our Powerful New Software Tool!

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Discover How To...

  • Turn your expertise and wisdom into 'Real Leads' for your business

  • Nurture your prospects with powerful 'all in one tools' that cure S.O.S. (Software Overwhelm Syndrome)

  • Boost your engagement on socials to reach huge new levels of reach

  • Save hundreds of hours and dollars every year with simple lead gen that really works

  • Use proven systems and templates to achieve your marketing needs

  • Put in place a 'set it and forget it' method of client attraction that will lead directly to sales

"Content is King...but How do You Make it Rain?"

Many of the Largest Brands in the World Have Achieved their Amazing Results Through Social Media and Content.

But, these companies have Huge Budgets, Massive Media Teams and Boundless Reach...

So how do you compete when it's Just You and Your Little Business?

You can't afford to have someone following you around with a camera all day...heck maybe you're like me and you don't even want that!

So...What Do You Do?

It turns out there is a Brand New Strategy for getting You Leads and it combines powerful PROVEN ENGAGEMENT DRIVEN CONTENT with NEW AUTOMATION SOFTWARE TOOLS to turn the stuff you're already love doing, helping others, into a GOLD MINE OF LEADS!

The Old Way...

  • Spend Dozens of Hours Filming or Writing Content

  • Post your 'Long Form' content on all Social Media Platforms

  • Spend another dozen hours editing down your content into smaller, 60 second or less pieces, post on all social media platforms

  • Be available to respond to all comments on your posts 24/7

  • Spend days, weeks, months nurturing leads through messages and emails

  • Invest nearly all your time on Marketing what you do, instead of Doing what you do

  • Hope and pray that all this time and work pays off

The New Way!

  • Create Value Driven 5 minutes or less posts with proven CSTP script recipes

  • Post on 1 or 2 Social Platforms that really work for You

  • Sleep peacefully knowing that customized automation are engaging with all your leads, so you don't have to

  • Discover who really needs what you do fast

  • Sell more, Market less

"This is, by far, the best CRM and Marketing tool I've ever used and Michael and his team are experts at helping you get the most out of it" - Denise Nicholson, Bold Publishing

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